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  1. I’m so excited for this fail.
    You’re doing a great job at failing.
    We want you to fail even harder.
    You were magnificent at failing.
    Your failing is spectacular!

    Damn blondie needs glasses or contacts too cuz she cant read of the teleprompter! haha

    1. hahahahaha…i know!! i saw her squinting at the end trying to read the teleprompter! so dumb.
      i made this video in universal studios when i was in maybe kindergarten and i could barely read…I DID A BETTER JOB THEN HER READING THE TELEPROMPTER…IN KINDERGARTEN!! wtf?

    1. Jaysen Jaysen Jeysen.

      I suggest you get your sorry troll ass right outta ‘dis place before I open some cans you kickass on yer ass.

    1. Fuck your reply, people can cuss whenever the fuck they want, wherever the fuck they want, and theres not a god damn thing you can do about it. Don’t be a bitch and try to make the internet “kid friendly”

  2. This is painful, now i see why there is a time delay in local news reporting. the raw uncut pure retarded is just painful to even listen to.

  3. both VERY uncomfortable and both VERY bad at doing their job. holly cunter may as well ware a sign round her neck ‘no talent but must do this interview ’cause it’s in’

    1. ‘I have no sound in my computer,and im very confused,so what did she say that was unintelligent?’

  4. she says thanks for watching what’s the “best” she doesn’t even know her program’s name. most americans are stupid, blonds or not.

  5. American reporters are the worst! They don’t do any research. All she knew was the shows name and the actresses name.

    1. lmaaoooo I laughed at the part she said it sooo fast after Holly answered like shes been getting ready to say it while Holly was talking.

  6. How did you all miss that she says “NBC News” when she’s doing a piece for ABC? There is a pretty loud groan or scream or something just after. Nice.

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