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  1. every day we are seeing a bike stunt fail. when will these people learn? and at 16 you get a driver licence, stop riding bikes! lmao

  2. NOT A FAIL.

    what you jocks and pussies don’t get or understand is that in bmx/skating the slam is merely a second to a win. this guy can obviously ride his bike very well, grinds the ledge 360’s off the steps – and yes – he eats it when trying to clear the bench. but this is the nature of lines, one trick after another win on win risk on risk.

    all you jock motherfuckers dissing skate and bmx slams are just too hypnotised by lady gaga, skaters, bmxers, are out there pushing their own limts eating concrete and getting up all over again, the true skill the true strength.

    fuck all you ‘fail’ lame motherfuckers.

    1. You, “zero mc fail” are very clearly in a crappy mood today. Go take it out on the friends you probably don’t have 🙂

    2. Not a fail, but that guy needed more than just a mere second to make this a win. he needed about 6 more inches to make the clearance. then again failing to make the clearance does make him fail a bit now dont it… just like momma always said try try again.

    3. ok fine – all of you – have no idea about pushing personal limits, eating it and getting back uo again. while you fools gimp-out on your playstations this guy has no doubt nailed the line 3 times over.

      eat shit.

    4. i agree with zero mc fail. this is a win. he did some dope things out there. and he`s not afraid to break`s all in the game. it`s hurts like helle..but he will be posting new video doin ill tricks soon after this. maybe the same day if he didn`t break something.

    5. CT like cucumbers and handcream. and computer games. i really am getting the feeling his favourite musician is lady gaga, either that or boyzone. there’s just no helping some people is there?

    1. sheesh ‘zero mc fail’, get a life! its not that serious. If you take such offense to everything that people are saying, here’s a suggestion… stop reading the fucking comments and go back to jerking off in your basement. Thank you.

    2. “that’s because you’re a jock twat living through his computer games and TV”

      Back when I went to school, ‘jocks’ didn’t play computer games, or watch much TV. If I’m not mistaken, their called ‘jocks’ cause all they wanted to do was PLAY FUCKING REAL SPORTS. Not peddle around on a “BMX” bike mommy and daddy bought them. Also, a quick suggestion – Pull the tampon out of your road rashed pussy and stop bitching about everyone who makes fun of you (I’m assuming thats you in the video, cause you’ve got such a hardon about all the negative comments)

  3. i agree with zero mc fail you guys just understand. and the fall itself is a win for those who have never skated or bmx’d the point is we get back up and we learn from it ” then do it again” lol its all in the fun so don’t trash us ^ ^ .. douchebags

    1. easy now, there seems to be a 99% jock-idot count hitting this site, be careful or they’ll send you lady ga ga ringtones to you while you sleep.

    2. CT isn’t finding so much satisfaction with his computer game playing is he? bet he plays rockband instead of learning the guitar. bet he has never had a girlfriend and whacks off 8+ times a day. the list goes on, a standard cunt who thinks the phrase ’emo’ means something. the cock is probably 8yrs old.

  4. @zero
    I get what your saying but how do you expect ppl to respect the crap you like when you don’t respect the crap they like? Pushing limits? Have you ever even watched a game of football before? Bitching about jocks, I’m sorry but if anything is another example of pushing limits man-up an look at some real sports.

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