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    1. wow Eros, cause of you my life isn’t falling apart anymore, now i know why she looks that way.

  1. He probably has that fat person smell like cheetos, cats and wet dogs combination, and a slimy film over his fat skin cells. She should be so happy to be next to someone that takes care of their body so well. Kill it with fire and melt it into oil to assist our bad economy

    1. fat people dont smell any worse than any skinny idiot like yourself that sit on the computer all day collecting a smell worse than cheetos like B.O. Cleanliness has nothing to do with your wieght. If you have such strong feelings about fat people, write a book instead of hurting an innocent person that probobly doesnt even know hes on here its unjust!

    1. he cant run…he’d probably catch an heart attack and shell be still in the trunk screaming with the trunk unlocked.

  2. Hahah poor girl. Stuck between a wall & a morbidly obese man. She probably is terrified that he might just eat her if he gets too hungry.