Epic Parking Fail


People Fail

“My roommate did this two days ago in Hayden, Idaho. No injuries except for his dignity.”

Submitted by Gary G.

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  1. How the hell do lean your car up against a pole like it’s a bike? Had it been done on purpose, it would have approached WIN status.

  2. Hi. I’m the guy who submitted the pic. He lost control of the Suburban and he hooked the pole’s guy-wire with the brush guard and that’s where the vehicle came to a stop. There are only a couple of small dents and they had to break the back window out to get him out of the vehicle, but aside from that, it still runs fine. The Spokane station has video of them pulling the rig down. http://www.krem.com/video/featured-videos/Raw-SUV-taken-down-from-guywire-88973012.html

    1. Andrew, you’re an idiot. Look around at the surrounding environment. Everything is exactly the same in the pictures, as the video and it’s the same fucking SUV.

      You sir, are the fail.

    1. Actually in the description under the picture it says the driver was a man. Didn’t read that did you?

  3. i think thats an EPIC WIN actually. its one in a billion a car would end up like that……..wouldnt happen again for a long time.

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