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    1. he says he is afraid that an island will tip over and capsize (fall over and sink) because there are too many people on it.

    1. This man is a genius compared to George W Bush.
      George W Bush actually managed to capsize America.

    2. if george bush is so stupid then how retarded are american citezens for voting him president twice…….

  1. But wait a minute …. could this explain the loss of Atlantis? They got careless, all dashed over to the same beach when the ice-cream van arrived?

    1. They technology was way superior to ours. They did not have ice-cream vans, they had ice-cream space ships!

  2. He’s right. I life in europa. And I am afraid of the Asians. Because their population is growing fast. And to everybody who knows that Asia and Europe are connected(I dont know if this is understandable, else look in a world map[I think the most american will]) and in the one side is Europe and on the other is Asia i think that it can tip over. But we should be lucky the most people in Asia are small and poor. Puhhhh…

    1. yeah europe & asia are one continent called simply Eurasia. Asia is so big and europe is so small that if asia is to crowded it will not tip over but the complete continent of Eurasia will sink down. Most Asians are small but they have way bigger numbers than the europeans do. I am so scared right now!

    2. fuck you bitch! how can you say, we should be happy about other peoples misfortune! Fuck you! Try living like they do!!

    1. Also claims it’s a metaphor for Guam’s ecosystem. I’m from and live in Georgia, I can admit when I fuck up, why can’t he? But he doesn’t want to admit he fucked up and had a “oops, my bad” moment. He doesn’t want to send 8,000 more marines over there, I’m thinking he’d rather throw them in the afghan or Iraq.

  3. It is pretty obvious this congressman was being serious in the video…only after his aides told him how fucking stupid he is did he then say he was trying to be metaphoric

    Confucius say: Man who make statement like that has no clue he is a retard

  4. oooooookaaaay, that um… how the… what? I’ve never heard of an island that floats like a boat or balances like a seesaw. I think somebody got tweaked and played Mario as his rehearsal for this. yeah i would be the one dude in the back pointing and laughing at this retard.

  5. Well when you think of it.. We in the Netherlands live very closely together (about 17 million or so all in that little space?) and most of our country is already below sea level. He is seeing the danger we all ignore!!


    1. So if it tipped over and capsized it would be right side up again, right? Just like a scale.

  6. If a Republican or a Conservative said this, we would never hear the end of this. But because this guy is a Democrat, he is simply joking. That’s the Liberal media for you.

  7. Just imagine the population this guy represents. After all, they voted this AssClown into office. Holy shit.

  8. Once more, I come from Spain to bring you foregn curiosities XD

    Remember a little guy callez Aznar? He was president of Spain years ago and we are still suffering the consequences of their acts.
    We have some useless people in charge that doesn’t deserve their payday.

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