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    1. the only thing this video is missing is pedobear…and I have a feeling he will show up soon!

    2. If being first makes you feel special then you have more problems than your low self esteem. a few of which seems to be your lack of life, friends and ability to get laid. Yes sir you are first, first to win at failing all over.

    3. Fancy, if you believe in what I believe in,
      Then we’ll be the same, always.
      Fancy, just look around thee
      If you will fancy all the girls you see, always.
      My love is like a ruby that no one can see,
      Only my fancy, always.
      No one can penetrate me,
      They only see what’s in their own fancy, always.

    4. Sooooo was that a metaphor for saying you’re a tight ass, bicurious virgin? i write poetry too my self, but at least mine gets me head and tail.
      Do what makes you happy

    5. You and me, we’re free
      We do as we please, yeah
      From morning till
      The end of the day
      Till the end of the day

    6. Yeaaaah, i do as i please with women and only women. i think Pedobear fucked up and bred the wrong one cuz it made this guy.

    7. Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze.
      I got a big fat mama trying to break me.
      And I love to live so pleasantly,
      Live this life of luxury,
      Lazing on a sunny afternoon.

    8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      Heroes in a half shell
      Turtle power!

      When the evil dog Shredder attacks
      These Turtle boys don’t cut him no slack!


    1. Confucius say why: ‘Nobody’ copy and run with fly poster’s Confucius idea, yet impart no philosophical gems, just use is as a way of calling people retards?

  1. damn i was totally expecting that .. and i was so scared of it that damn poor dog .. the past comments can only be made by girls!
    that just had to hurt soo much damn .. @ the balls the fun is over ..

  2. only due to the invention of the internet are we able to witness the genius of a tortoise nosing a dogs balls. my life is complete.

  3. did that tortoise just bite off the dogs balls or just bit his balls because that would make a huge difference

    1. You prefer to have 14? You should learn how to talk before you try to insult someone.

    2. Exactly, now accept the fact that you’ll be an illiterate and ignorant human being for the rest of your life. Good luck comprehending the difficult orders you’ll very soon be taking at McDonald’s.

    3. That’s funny, I was just going to say… look at the time stamps when these comments were written. You guys really need to find some women/girls & do to them instead what you did to yourself lol. There’s a whole new shiny world out there fellas… Come back time2time & fill us in on your new life adventures, and no… we won’t want to smell your fingers. We’ll just take your word… lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. OMG, poor dog!
    Wtf, I wonder how would his owner feel, if the turtle was biting his balls, and some1 was filming. Damn mofo.

    1. Yeah right? Guy was just waiting for that crap to happen, Watching it was like a Nascar Race~ You just want to see a crash, but not really want to see it because you want everyone to be safe. Same goes for the dog, don’t want to see it but yet I just did~

  5. This is seriously the best video I have ever seen. Am gonna quit college and do some serious research about chewing balls tortoise.

  6. Really fucking smart you dirty Spics. You saw that coming for what? A good 20 seconds and you just let it bite the dogs nuts? You need to be tied to a tree and have fucking tomatoes shot at you through a potato gun.

    1. But the sad thing is that you won’t know what I’m talking about and you’ll call me an idiot, which is ironic, because you’ve never bothered to pick up a book and see how the English language works.

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