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    1. Hanes “irregular” is used when the “wife beaten” goes wrong…look at the tortoise video!!

    2. PedoBear only goes after teh ones that say they are first but for now he is being detained for a 5 to 10

    3. ur a dick @ xtrememayhem meh name is a joke cocksucker and pedobear is a stupid fuckface just like u
      when i named mehself that name, i didnt mean it

      ne way this”Pedobear is on a 5-10 job or wateva the fuck it is, is gay retardedd shithole pussy

  1. supposed to be a v-neck wife beater. for those who dont know ghetto slang, every woman abuser wears one. A Tank Top!

    1. Wow…every woman abuser wears one? Must be easy to spot them. At least we know now and we can go out and arrest all wearers of the v-neck wife beater shirts.

    2. Logic fail. Every thief has lungs, does that mean every person with lungs should be arrested for theft?

    3. M.U. shut the fuck up & dont be so defensive dickwad!
      maybe if you read into it a little more you would get it.
      open your mind retard!

  2. Gotta love Shoppers World. New York City.
    my lil sis shopped there alot in highschool. I’d give her $100 and she’d come back with the whole fucking thing.

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