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  1. thats not a fail who ever posted is a fail getting head butted is metal anyone ever heard of a mosh pit your suppose to get hit at a metal concert

    1. i hate metal with a pasion…like i wake up and think god i love to hate metal…but dont get me rong tho i like rock end pretty mutch every music kind but METAL and the people that listen to it and ther stupid way of thinking fascinate me… fuck my spelling and fuck you you metal faggz…i remember a metal group comeing out the closet one time and i was like whahahahaha delt with

    2. militaryminded85 if you could say all that shit to a real metalheads face and get away with it…

    3. well first of all he’s in the military. no wonder this douchebag tool hates metal. he’s a drone. i know this first hand. we have simple minded jokers like him in my unit.

  2. haha so good how the guy comes back on stage and he just pushes him away. but i agree with “notice” , shit happens in mosh pits but thats why there so brutal and fuckin metal.

    1. The band’s called Amon Amarth from Sweden, this song is called “Death In Fire”. They’re pretty good actually.

    1. Whoa whoa whoa…. You could just turn down the volume, why go straight for the ass rape….. You do that every night anyways, don’t you sir?!?!

    2. I also prefer you get ass-raped by a male-hooker with aids than see you listen to this.
      Go roll your fucking cigars and linger high above in the air.

  3. Worst fail to date. Maybe the fail was the music and the fans since that style takes no talent, has no style, is nothing but lowing your voice and gutteral yelling. Any fan is an idiot so that must be the fail!~

    1. I totally agree with you. I’m glad that guy caught it in the suck hole. Yeah that music sucks ass!

    2. So your’e saying that playing drums and guitar takes no talent?
      Because you don’t like the music doesn’t mean that it takes no talent! You should learn something about metal, before you write something that is completely absurd.

    3. yep am pretty sure you can easily play any riff or solo of any instrument so thats why you are such a critical, you must be really gifted musician to reduce metal to simply “owing your voice and gutteral yelling”

    4. go fuck yourself…bet you think the boom boom techno/house whatever shit is music..

      btw did i tell you to go fuck yourself?

    5. What the hell? Takes no talent? Man, look up “Winter Madness solo” on YouTube, listen only to this part and tell me with a straight face, that this takes no talent. Just because it sounds heavy and the drums are pretty fuckin’ fast, it doesn’t mean, that it’s easy to play it! Yeah, sure this band, Amon Amarth, actually doesn’t make very complicated songs, but man, you never heard anything, because progressive metal bands like Wintersun, Equirhodont, hell, even Children of Bodom would make you think differently. Plus – the most talented guitarists of the world are either metalheads or jazz-men, so think twice before you say anything again. And, by the way, listen to some power metal bands like Iron Maiden or Mercenary and you’ll realize, that not all the bands use death growl vocals, some even use opera style singing (both male – Root, Equirhodont… – and female – Nightwish, Epica…). You just obviously don’t know anything about not only metal, but music in general.

    6. You know what music has no talent whatsoever involved? Pop. They either can’t sing and have their voices digitally fixed, they’re not very good and try to disguise it with the lyrics and the synthecizers and instruments in the background (but the actual musicians never get any credit), or they’re not too bad, but they’re not good, and they try to do that rough, earthy, rugged tone with their voice to make it sound more natural, down-to-earth, and stylistic. Pop singers, for the most part have no talent other than they put on a “good” show.

    7. Oh I’m a wanker? Look at you coming in here with the handle Jesus Christ! What kind of gay ass attention grabbing shit is that! Your a fucking joke. Seriously, Jesus Christ. Thats some lame ass shit. Respect points lost. I like listening to shit I can fucking understand. Not a bunch of screaming no one but the band and the loser fans who have access to the actual lyrics. You get the award for the biggest douche bag in the universe haha. Congratulations! You even beat out John Edwards.

    8. You, Carolina Paradise, are just a fail. If there had been a FAIL button under your avatar, I’d click that.

    1. and thats how they roll, this isn’t the first time someopne has been headbutted for jumping on stage with them, stay the fuck on the floor and your wig won’t get split, what a retard, he should have known that

  4. Is it sad that I was waiting for one of the metal head spinners to break their necks or for their heads to completely come off their necks?
    …now Im disappointed, I was anticipating something far greater than this…

  5. that was only a fail on the part of the twat wandering onto stage. old-school head bangers? fair enough. looks quite tribal to me. in addition the average death-metal ‘singer’ loses their voice and damages their voice box beyond repair within one year of regular ‘singing’.

  6. Um metal is no music, if it is then house, trash can, chopped and screwed, techno, and polka is music and don’t nobody want to listen to those.
    But not a fail as this is moshpit style head banging, or else the entire event is a fail.

    1. People, realize that DEATH metal is not the only way how metal can be played. Listen to bands like Evergrey, Dream Theater or Therion and you’ll soon understand, that it’s pretty complicated and takes lots of skill. Don’t be so ignorant.

    2. i know it takes skill, there are few that do have it. but the majority i’ve heard suck cuz all it sounds like is growling in the mic and banging on shit with no rhythm or beat. just all un-synchronized noise. now to see if the ignorance is just me. how do you feel about rap, hip hop, new jack swing, gangsta rap and southern rap. do you think they are all the same? do you think they are all ONLY about violence, sex, and drugs?

    3. Yeah dude. There’s the classic metal: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. The stuff from the 80s, when metal really was metal, not just growling. And i’m only 15 so it’s not like I grew up with this shit. I prefer it so much to modern music; the music of my generation sucks for the most part.

    4. @ Somebody i actually have not listened to those kinds of metal, i will check it out tho. but Patricia is right most of the best shit was from the 80’s, modern metal i dont know. a girl i used to date, her cuzin was a satanist (said so himself) and the music he listened to was disturbing as a motherfucker, it sounded like metal but i might be wrong. the album cover alone was more gruesome than any slasher horror flick i’ve seen. What the hell kind of genre was that? (im actually asking).

    5. Dyqueen: Well, if by gruesome you mean scary or horrifying, that it MIGHT have been some old school death metal band. Their covers are like women torn apart by demons crawling out of their mouth and stomach. But that’s actually the point – to horrify everyone, to create something like a horror movie in music, if you know what I mean.

    6. OK im not talking special effect the shit looked like a photograph of a kitchen with somebody chopped up, body parts on the counters in pots, the spine was hung up over the sink and that shit. no demons, no crazy satanist symbol it was an underground cd, look like they made the cover using MS word. and this was about 8 years ago. it more looked like pics from a snuff flick. I’m in art and design and i take interest in special effects and back in the day special effects weren’t all that you could tell it was fake. I’ve seen the Album covers your talking about and those are cool and are well designed. the shit im talking about was just a fuckin photograph placed in word and text added.

    7. @ Somebody: i check out those genres and not bad i more like the symphonic metal more tho. and like i said it takes some serious skill to do metal justice. but some of the bands i’ve come across suck, but it might just be my taste though. no two people likes all the same things. My girlfriend likes Ke$ha and Soldier Boy, i cant stand em. just saying. thanks for the recommendation tho. i’ll check out more symphonic.

    8. Dyquen, probably the bands you find are metalcore or grindcore, those genres suck ass compared to the 80’s metal

    9. Dyqueen: That cover, that must have been a grindcore CD. It’s not actually metal anymore, just find it or Wiki, or something. Anyway, if you like symphonic metal stuff, I’d recommend you this band called Therion from Sweden. Finnish band called Turisas is not bad either, but they add more folk influences into their music, but be sure to check them out, too. And if you by any chance come to the point when you are after some harder symphonic stuff, then you might try bands like Hollenthon or Septic Flesh :).

  7. shut up! you dont know anithing about rock music or death metal! that ban is called Amon Amarth! its great !shut up… im talking to the morons who are talking crap about rock… agree with AiMLEzZz… this doesnt represent all the genre. there are other bands…

  8. Amon Amarth, good band, and actually gutteral growling is much harder to perform than you think.
    if you generalize all metal with this subgenre then you are a fail

    1. “if you generalize all metal with this subgenre then you are a fail”
      THANK YOU!

  9. wow… really WOW(above). other then the……whatever that was, did anyone see the guy without a shirt, shaking……(shudders)

  10. hahahaha, this whole thread is jokes.
    Metal, Jazz, classical are the 3 most respected music genres as they imply talent, diversity, creativity, rhythm and melodies. Not all music of this age sucks, but the mainstream is def. killing the industry, so much that nobody even recognizes talent anymore… anyway, we can’t change anybody’s taste in music with words, especially since they are unwilling to give it a shot. All I have to say is LMAO to this “if they were midgets, that guy would have gotten his balls mashed” XD

  11. I love the comment that metal is talentless,you wann know what ganres are talentless, RAP,R&B,POP,TECHNO. any record company can take any sissy minded douche or pre-teen who suffered at the hands of some molester record company producer whilst their mommy or daddy was blowing the engineer to make their son/daughter proud,
    now…., onto rap, R.etards A.ttempting P.oetry is aweful, sure I could sample any song from someone and “BUST A RHYME” then loop it and loop it till it sounds stoopid over it, or read green eggs and ham or any dr.suess book over it, doesn’t take any talent at all just a couple of old skool metal records with a phresh drum beat and some old record player that only plays 55bpm, then get some 40’s and some chronic them boom boom shake shake the room yo! mos’def homie! and r&b, you wanna talk about no talent? about 95.5% of those clowns dont event write their own music, people who played METAL IN THE 80″S ARE THEIR WRITERS!!! so, you go in a mosh pit and say no talent and see how fast you get stopmed in the ground.

  12. It would’ve been far better if the lad had got up and knocked that hairy homo biker wannabe out… I do like metal (and appreciate some Amon Amarth… though they’re just one of MANY very similar sounding bands) but have no time for these pricks who think it’s about being a violent retard… lets save that delusion for rappers and other people devoid of intelligence.

  13. FTW! I wish I had hair like that. Holy shit these metal dudes with the long hair flyin around are just too kick ass. Hard enough playing guitar, singing… slinging that mop around too? Then you gotta compete with some dumbass walks up on the stage to play cool-boy groupie. I woulda kicked him in the ballz.

  14. whoa!? to all the people saying metal blows, or there is no talent. are you joking? if you say there is no talent in metal because of the singing, well then there really is no talent in any type of music then. you fuck sticks are dumb as shit, metal is the fuckin shit. people are fucking stupid and have no common sense.

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