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    1. That girl is in for a bad surprise
      that guy doesnt want her at all
      he’s prolly after her brother ….

  1. If i drak a bottle of bronzer, ate a fucking peacock, and tuck a shit it would look better then these two. they look like brother and sister. Jersey shore meeets alabama brother sister couple.

    1. No triple Fail the tan the face of the girl and the hair of the girl he have arround is arm.

    2. quadruple fail. #1-horrible fake ass tan. #2-man-faced chick. #3-hair on man-faced chick. and #4-i dont know about anybody else but dude’s lips look like a butthole!

  2. Jesus! “i’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” hairstlyle fail, double fake diamand stud earrings on the guy fail, picking the right girl out of the two in the picture fail, tit grab fail…. the list goes on.

  3. DOUCHE! I’m willing to bet that this night didn’t turn out quite as good as this idiot thought it was going to. He probably got his ass kicked.

  4. What’s the big deal? They’re obviously clowns- face paint, funny looking hair, irregularly shaped noses…I see no fail here.

  5. Im about over this type of fail, caking doodoo on your face and calling it a tan is losing its magic. even the women fail.

  6. ok…he wears jewelery (which in and of itself is not bad), he hits the tanning salon, he appears to spend more time with his hair then most women, and he appears to have his arm around a cross-dresser…yep, he’s gay alright

  7. I wish I could find him and punch him in the face, but not a a fag hate crime, but more as a douche bag deserving a punch in the face

  8. that bitch looks like a pterodactyl that daniel tosh talks about in his stand up, lol and the dude needs to be put down for the sake of men around the world!

  9. Remember folks, you’re not cute or hot unless you look like these people. If not, screw you, close yourself in the oven, and leave it on 350 degrees for 3 hours. THEN, you’ll be ready for the bars and picking up the ladies/guys/douchebags/cats… whatever you’re into. I won’t judge.

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