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    1. At least he went to see if his friend was ok first before going to check on the spent airbag… lol 😉

    2. lol, can anybody explain how this is a fail?
      wasnt he suposed to go into the air then? What else?

  1. This isnt a fail!
    This was planned and the guy is wearing a helmet!
    It’s the sort of shit you’d see on the “trying to be cool” Discovery Channel shows.

    1. Yeah, right? I was going to say the same thing, can’t imagine getting smashed in the face with that airbag.

    2. Yeah, it hurts. Busted my nose pretty good, but better than fracturing your skull amiright?

    1. Who the fuck let you out of your mothers fuck hole? You should have been used for stem cell research Terrance haha!

    1. yeah total win, thats look so muh fun I hope to try it to someday, there should be a theme park with a game like just like that

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