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  1. EY!! where’s Wily Coyote?… wait a sec it’s Yosemeni Sam in the tub with him Bugs and the Roadrunner got em back. WIN!!

    1. That’s Wile e Coyote and Yosemite (you know, like the national park) Sam. Also, joke fail.

    1. And in yellow can there is Tatra beer, and in background guy is holding TYSKIE beer (the best of all, made in my city south Poland).

  2. Do you know why Polish and polish are spelled the same? Because God doesn’t know the difference between shit and shinola too.

  3. haha, Great pic, Jason. and NO we arent rednecks. Its called DRUNK AUSSIE’S.
    Haha ive still got that pic on my phone from that party WHOOOOO

  4. Haha to be quite honest, that looks kinda cool to me. Dangerous, but cool. I mean, if you don’t have a hot tub, but got yourself a yard-tub, some barstools, & a fire, why not?? OH! & not to forget the several beers in your system before considering it.

  5. Stop with the redneck comments … It’s OBVIOUS they’re POLISH just by the way they look and the POLISH beer they’re drinking!

  6. Human sacrifice! They are made them drunk to think that it is a hot tub, but actually, it’s the sacrificial tub!

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