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  1. Top ten things that he was thinking before impact:
    10: oh this is gonna hurt
    9: I hope a girl is not watching
    8: I wonder if this is a rock or a giant burnt marshmellow
    7: damn I got a wedgie
    6: I’ll never lose my virginity
    5: this is a facebook status update
    4: why do I use zero mc fail as a name
    3: Profit
    2: ?????
    1: underpants

    1. Top ten things I was think as I was reading this:
      10: that’s a given
      9: oh so true, so true
      8: now that’s funny! burnt marshmallow – genious
      7: hehe..
      6: Hmmm….
      5: uh oh he’s running out of ideas
      4: he shoulda made this a top 5 list.
      3: I feel the commenter pain now
      2: maybe I should just stop reading this
      1: hey, I got an idea of my own!! lol 😉

  2. if u look closely u can see the dude to the far left looking like “oh shit!” and the tooth fairy is gonna be happy!

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