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    1. First to be beaten and raped from your HIV infected special ed teacher you son of a 2 dollar whore.

    2. an atv a long rope a rollerblader and a curve and 2 white ppl can only equal one thing a fail for our amusement

    3. oh i forgot to put the guy with the camera two thumbs up for those who are smart enough to grab a camera when they know a fail is gonna happen

  1. he fell on his back he couldn’t breathe anymore that’s why he made that sound, I made that sound too, when I fell on my back loooool

    poor idiot -.-

  2. granted you’re hurt… need to sound like your taking it up the ass.

    this thing was a mobile fail waiting to happen.

  3. when the video start I tough “well hes going to meet the floor if the atv turn too fast”, and there it went all the way to the dig, poor kid he beat down really hard. I was once beaten with a gauntlet in the head that must feel kind of similar xD

    1. He was rollerblading….he wiped out….Rollerblade fail…geez…your a fail for over analyzing this

  4. The most wreckless person I know was thinking about something like this and decided against it. Congratulations you are dumber than the dumbest guy I know.

  5. hillbilly watersking. got to like how he tries to hum his favorite tune to forget about his shattered rib cage

  6. man r u crazy i wud agot up and walked off liek nothing happened imagine if this dude crashed like that dude on the bike into the sign

  7. I was half expecting him to take his helmet off and be Peter Griffin. Aaaaaaaa, Eeeeeee…Aaaaaaaa, Eeeeeeeeeee………………Aaaaaaaa……..Eeeeeeee.

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