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    1. I hope first to be paralzed from the eyebrows down in a horrific car accident you fucking unoriginal piss mop.

  1. How is that a stunt? The guys from Jackass would say hell no to that one.
    In the immortal words of Nancy Hicks Gribble: “Why sug, Why?”

  2. I disagree. That is win in my book. It takes a special person to ride at the sign full speed like that. I challenge somebody to one up them and do it full speed on a motorcycle.

    1. I challange you to study syntax and grammar. Then I challenge you to write that again so I can understand it.

    2. I challenge everyone that just posted above me to type a complete sentence free of spelling or grammatical errors.

    3. Cutiko you fail so badly, even on your comeback you spelled “explain” wrong and forgot a period. FAIL

      ^^^^^+no grammar & spelling mistakes!! yay^^^^^

    4. everybody above is a freaking fail, the wolrd is a fail, you are a FAIL, FAIL EVERYWHERE.FFFFAAAIIILLLLLLLL

    5. You all fail to fail at failing at due to your failure to fail at failing. With fail. you failing failers..

    1. yea i see that happing. if george w bush got to be president then it shoulden’t be to hard for this guy.

  3. Sign win. What an idiot. Also, why is it always rednecks that do stupid shit like this? I the water spiked down south with stupid syrum?

    1. it is a guy thing. not just the red necks doing it. for example, we love to do nut shots on each other or hurt our selfs for a storie and comedy

    2. Killa, that is not a guy thing. That is a fucking moron thing. Nut shots deserves a beat down and anything of the like. Anyone who does this needs death ASAP.

  4. what bad friend! just laughing while his friend smashes his face. its an epic friendship and intelligence fail

    1. yep that kind of ppl explaing why usa has made some many wars and never get punished: they are all a bunch of lovely jackass with out any sense of responsability

  5. OH MY FUCKIN GOD HAHAHAHHAHAHAAH that was fuckin hilarous ! hahahahhaha I can’t stop laughing… I wonder WHY ? WHY ? WHY ??? HE DID IT ! WHY !!!!

  6. Okay, here we go… ride, faster faster, okay here comes the sign, here we go, here we gooo. BBOOOOOOMM!!! uhhhhhhhhhh my tonsils feed hairy yesterday, hmmm mammi am I cool geeee???? uhhhhhhh

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