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    1. In Mexico use mary jane too do exercises

      ”Lets see pablo, if juan gives u 2 pound of mary jane, and u already got 1, and u stole 3 from ur dad room, how much weed will u smoke each day for a month until u need more?”

    1. fuck it win
    2. ingenuity win
    3. fuck the school budget win
    4. old guy lifting chair… win
    5. proving a well built chair by its angles, WIN.

  2. The image taken its from Romania my country,it had appear on the news two days ago.ehhh the goverment should raise the budget on education

  3. Where is the fail? Oh i see it. the chair makes about a 15 degree angle near the top of the back. I say its a win since if any of the kids laugh he can just hit them with it.

  4. Thats totally a WIN. None of my teachers were that cool.
    A FAIL for me for not understanding any of that math.

  5. Well, it resembles one of classes in Politechnika Gdanska (Gdansk Univ. of Technology) in Poland. I’m allmost sure I know this guy. Mechanics Division 🙂

  6. Heh, this is actually in university. Subject “Optimization theory and methods in civil engineering”. I was learning this subject, and that is our professor explaining “Graphic interpretation of linear optimization”…

  7. That is a dedicated teacher win! He takes his job seriously enough to want to grab a chair and use it to make sure he draws a straight line!

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