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  1. this guy reminds me of heavy from tf2, as is saw this guy emdiatly heavys voice came into my head with “sandvich is delicious!”

  2. The guy did say something to him, you just can’t hear to good because of the background noise. The bmx guy even responded to him. Fail on EF for lying.

  3. you epic fail loser chumps just don’t get it do you. in bmx as well as skating the slam is only ever second to a win. so much so that no slam is ever a fail – commitment results in pain then you get up and repeat until completion. so all you lame-ass x-factor big brother watching mainstream brainwashed puppets bitching on someone elses blood and bruises can go. suck. a cock.

    1. you’re all a bunch of lame-ass lady ga-ga whoring motherfuckers, obviously. good luck with your video games you lame idiot LAZY social-network site cruising BLOWHARDS.

    2. hmm for one i dont like lady ga-ga but overall this dude must have hit his one or two times or is just a baby who cant do any tricks because if u cant laugh at someone else then fuck urself fag

    3. i notice he overuses the words lame and ass a lot. i guess ass just rolls off his tongue better.

    4. WWOOWW i didnt kno any human could tell so much about people threw single video comments, your like the awsomeist faggot in the worlk!

    5. chill dude. its posted here for snark! it was ment to be laughed at! the guy knew what’d happen. grow up and stop being a douche.

  4. The art of someone getting hurt, and someone just sitting there, eating as the writhe in pain. Gotta love our world.

  5. love how he cracks his head..waves im good or “im fucked, stop filming”

    then tries to sleep and squirm it off..the cameraman got some good footage.

  6. later that day, Mr. Green Vest choked on a piece of pickle that was lodged in his teeth from that very same sammich and died.

    karma is a bitch. should’ve asked if he was ok buddy!

  7. the guy in aggony wast gowing anywhere, but the sandwich could have been eaten by someone else. wold have done the same win for eating it!

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