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    1. This has gotta be a joke right…? no1 with this face can show herself infront of a camera, come on!!

    1. Everything is spelled right it’s the grammar that’s wrong smart guy!! How does she even eat?

  1. dude, nothings epic about this, only fail.
    this is a female
    i showed my friend, he said “you must give some good head” i said fck outa heaa and slapped him. i just left after that
    can she brush??

  2. first thing i thought “thats some ugly lipstick”
    second thing i thought “OH MY GOD WATS UP WITH HER LIPS?”
    third thing i thought “SHE HAS NO EYEBROWS?!”
    last thing i thought “WAT THE F IS UP WITH HER HAIR?!?! IS SHE HIGH??”
    but then im like “i think i’ve seen her in my nightmares O-O”

  3. To the guys saying she’s ugly,
    Once the swelling goes down from her collagen injections, she’s going to look the same way she always does. And you know you’d tap that.

  4. But it is time for her to stop. Gravity is going to start pulling. I wonder what those lips will look like when she stops filling them? Really, those fillers only last about a month. I’m thinking she must get them injected a couple times a week.

  5. She is a really good friend of mine and was the hottest chick in school growing up…she is a sweetheart that got cought up in BS

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