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  1. Im not mad about the” wanna be wolverine”, it’s the bitch in back fuckin up the whole hottness of Mystique. You know she got prudish and is wearing a fuckin blue spandex bodysuit. she fails worst if its a shirt and tight pant she’s wearing.

    1. Um yep its a blue spandex bodysuit sorry…did u expect me to go to my work xmas party naked and painted? Cos i think that would have scared a lot of people!

    2. Shes fucking up the whole hottness of Mystique!? Somebody needs to lay off the comic books and tissues and get out the house and find themselves a girl! (Probably a human rather than mutant!)

    1. I don’t recall cranking off to fly.. But I guess I did post it…. Gotta love troll posers.

  2. NOT A FAIL.

    so fucking what, a guy at some convention/party is dressed up, as wolverine. so what. so fucking what. this site is going all-out to hell with bad NON-FAILS.

    1. You have to know what wolverine looks like to get this one. And also have to think for a second. Not all fails are thrown in your lap, idiot.

    2. I would say, not a bad 1/2 assed halloween attempt, at least he tried & did something close. No, I didn’t study the details of Wolverine. Squint if ya have to & BELIEVEEEEEEE….lol 😉

    3. cheers dude!
      actually it was a work xmas party where fancy dress was optional (films being the theme) hardly anyone dressed up and we thought we’d have more fun if we made a half hearted attempt at something a bit different…ended up winning first prize so clearly the judges failed hard!! Hilarious that people are so annoyed/insulted by our costumes!

    1. 1, I’m a girl & hardly even watch X-Men, & know that’s not a fuckin’ Avatar.
      2, Mystique is a Shape-Shifter. Not a damn Avatar.

  3. This is not Wolverine. Those are butter knives for claws. This is Porcupine. He’s the defender of himself. His super power is to swing his head around as if to stab someone with his spiked hair. In actuality he winds up cracking up all villains until he can make his escape. He’s teamed up with Ace and Gary a few times, but just so he could ride in their “cool” car.

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