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  1. Which is most ominous: the seatbelt slicing through Ethel’s jugular on impact or the fact that she can’t see over the steering wheel?

    1. If I had to guess, I’d say this was an older Volvo or Toyota by shape, neither of which originate from America. There is nothing that says its American, so you are a fucktard.

    2. @ PornStar Marc you FAIL at guessing its clearly a Honda from early 90s most likely an Accord. Second the seatbelt is automatic and not functions, since the door is close and it has not gone back (next to steering wheel)

    3. What do you mean there is nothing that says its American? It’s so stupid that it have to be American…That’s becouse of fast food that damages human brain.

    4. America is not so stupid, my lord i knew there was racism about america but i didnt think everyone was so simple minded about it.

  2. hahahahahaha stupid old peoples! ha well what can u say? cars had no seatbelts at all during his age. he is not used to them!

  3. Looks like a dumbass fucking Mexican. What do you expect from a fucking wet back? They don’t know how to do anything properly.

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