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    1. You popped your own cherry? I think you did the world a favor by fucking your self, atleast we dont need to tell you to go do that. Keep up the good work and stay ahead of the insults by doing it before your told to. you know what to d next… there’s a gorillas dick that needs waxing or did you already do that one?

    1. WHY!? even if it was appropriate to ask that question, WHICH IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT, you didn’t even use correct grammar! TRY: “Did she die?”

      WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU USE DIED!!! DIED DIED DIED.. it’s past fucking tense

    1. You said it, I’m just reminiscing on all the upskirts i got when i was back in school. most of which was unintentional…Private school girl uniform WIN indeed.

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