Parenting Fail


People Fail

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    1. Your first reveals a lot about you.
      1) You have no life and no friends.
      2) You can even spell “fucking.”
      3) You have to be a homo to come up with a “cheer” like that.
      4) You are a fucktard- the offspring between a fuck and a retard.

    2. I like the way you have been allocated a pink avatar Pornstar Marc, it makes total sense now. every time you post, you are basically saying “I am gay” because of that avatar, if you respond to this, it shows you are gay, like all further posts will.

    3. Dude you make no fucking since , you should go kill yourself , thats how much of a fail you are ….. +10 To:PornStar Marc

    4. Puink is the fucking manliest colour in the world you son-of-a-bitch! And dont you forget it!

    5. See I don’t even have to fight you as I have people on my side cause I contribute a laugh here or a chuckle there. You on the other hand waste space and spew garbage. So I win without lifting a finger.

    6. Sooooo, you’re basically a useless waste of air, Fly Poster? That’s what your saying? =) You can’t even fend for your own, and take someone making a comment about a color, that wasn’t even IN your favor…

      You, sir, do belong here.

    7. You guys can’t effing’s sense, not since! Yes I’m the spell effing check police…lol!

    8. You know how I know you’re gay fly poster? Because you post “First” comments that a kindergarten student could come up with.

  1. Now that the trash is out of the way, there is no way I’m trusting any 3rd grader with my heroin. He’d trade it for some really cool Transformers lunchbox or some crap.

    1. wtf. all the dude did was acknowledge that he was the first to hes trash that should kill himself(alcoholicsementhower) and he also has no life and no friends? its not that big a deal dude. calm the fuck down. save the trash talk for somone who desirves it, like a racist comment or somthing else offensive.

    2. im very late but you are right. theres two dumb asses on this page. (y) & (alcoholicsementhrower) please amanda todd yourselves?

    1. Hey, thats not nice he can’t help that his parents call him awesome before they kiss his helmet and sends him off to school….

  2. ?????? I think the parent(s) told this kid the baggies with the stuff was mommy and/or daddy’s special pop rocks, so dont touch it.
    Kids response to parent(s) no-no: Fuck em I’m havin’ mine and sharing it with my buddies, cuz im coo like dat

  3. the only fail here is the pusher that gave him the stuff to sell. guess the kid wasn’t told to sell it not give it away.

  4. BWAHAHAHA! If you read the caption at the bottom of the article, it basically says that they don’t even know if what the kid had was heroin. I think THAT’S a fail.

  5. OMG R HE DIED??//////
    I R TEH B357 EVAR!!!!1111eleven11!!!!!11111

    1. Translated from retard:
      Oh my goodness is he deceased? Also you gentlemen are like such beginners. Quareling like small females. *laughter* I am the best ever. *inaudible

    2. Oh okay, thanks for the translation. I’m not very fluent in this dialect of Retard you speak of.

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