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  1. This clip is about a minute and a half too long, thats a bit of a fail, apart from that, thrusting your cock and balls into a girls face with your entire bodyweight is a WIN.

    1. agreed the clip is a little on the long side. but only a virgin would want to fail miserably in order to get his crotch in a girls face for a split second.

    1. I was hoping we would get a panty shot but she jumped up to fast. And that dudes short were like this video way to long & black

  2. obviously he missed the movie about how us white guys can’t jump….did he think it was just Hollywood hype?…Hell no…we can’t jump!!!

  3. The fail is that he didn’t even attempt to see if the girl was all right and/or apologize for slapping her face with his crotch!

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