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    1. Did he died, oh that’s so funny, I can’t stop laughing, where do you live? I want to come by a take you out for a beer.

    2. Terrance, you are an idiot. It seems as though every comment you make is “did he/she died?” Seriously, that joke is old. I don’t think anyone is laughing except you. Jokes get less funny over time. Please just go away and never come back. Feel free to comment when you think of some new material. Until then, keep jerking off to gay porn.

    3. a comment as gay as that is openly welcome on youtube, besides they would probably give you a welcoming party over there…but here you just make everyone want to kick your ass

    4. yeah terrance your a total fucking fail dude. Just because your a failure in your real social life doesnt mean you should come here in bore us with your crap.

    5. Wow, you guys are all right on the money. Terrance, can you send a pic of you hanging yourself? I wanna write the same lame shit you do.

    6. okay, obviously the “did he/she died” joke is a little bit ridiculous, and it probably should be written for every freaking fail on this site. it’s annoying. stop it.

      but all of you telling terrance to hang him or herself should shut the hell up. haven’t you ever read one of those stories where cyber bullying leads to suicide? yeah, this is annoying, but do you really want to be responsible for the death of a human life over a stupid fucking COMMENT?

      you’re all idiots.

    7. $100 says most of those replies are from one, sad loser.

      if not….well that’s even sadder.

    1. i was expecting the cat to jump in the water…not smack face first into the glass…my eyes were fixated at the top of the aquarium and when the cat jumped i was like “what the hell” and had to back up to catch it again lol

    1. I had a feeling that was going to happen in the very beginning… I was already laughing my ass off at the thought… Definitely an epic fail.

  1. fuck goddamn shit balls twat cunt.

    no one ever complained when i was the ‘is it died’ guy

    burn in hell terrance, burn in hell.

    … it died?

    1. Infamy is NOT a good thing. Do you wanna get chased off the boards? Look up EuropeGuy or Daniel in the past few months. No one likes those fucktards. Do you REALLY wanna join those ranks?

  2. I say it’s a cat win, cat was locked in a room somewhere (probably South Carolina), with some guy with a mullet, a Harley t-shirt with the arms cut off, and a confederate flag on the wall, listening to Gun and fucking Roses, Cat knocked himself out.

  3. Kitty belongs to millionaire fail. Both were so confident, then both made “epic” fuck ups. I read that kitty committed suicide shortly afterwards.

    1. One year has now passed, so much has heappned in this family in this time. Yet the day she died seems like only yesterday. We all miss our Kitty.

    2. to people in a forum held in Jaffna that If poclie powers are given to Tamil province now It will act as another para military. But what I commented was seriously criticized. The bloody elitist scoundrel living in Europe and USA wish to make another fight in Sri Lanka. Because their children will be never affected .Do you agree or not?Regards,Bharthipan

  4. aww poor cat 🙁

    and i seriously thought that the cat was going to land in the water, but nope, it went smack into the glass [ouch!]

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