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    1. clearly you are retarded, he looks 12 and you can barely see him…. stupid people should be allowed to use a computer

    2. yes, because there’s nothing stupid about emo boys… god damn pole-smokin’ fashion victim by products of goth culture…

  1. Okay…?
    Yeah he may be cute, but I mean look at the back of his head! He looks like he has a peacock growing from his brain!?
    I mean for all you know he could be a real jerk, whos just trying to get noticed by girls, all he may want is to be told that he is cute, or hot, or whatever you want to call him.
    And trust me I know that theres going to be people who disagrre with me and people who are gonig to tell me to shut up because I have no idea what I am talking about. I’m just saying that I think he looks really dumb!

  2. I’ve seen A LOT worse, but I must say you desperate whores talking about how ‘hot’ he is are just that…desperate whores. You can’t even see his face, he’s more than likely ass ugly. and probably hasn’t even hit puberty yet. Damn, you emo/scene skanks will fuck anything that looks even remotely like you, huh?

    1. and I’m a girl by the way. So don’t claim I’m ‘jealous’ or some dumb shit like you idiotic children love to say about anyone who hates on your kind. I like my men to look like MEN not dykes.

    2. And what makes you’re oppinion of what’s “hot” the “should be” ideology of attractiveness?! No I don’t think he’s cute…but everyone is attracted to different things. And every group of people has a skank in it whether it’s emo, scene, or the close minded group you come from. Saying I like my men to look like MEN means nothing…Dumbass That’s simple saying you like your men to have a penis and no breasts. Way to be full of yourself!!!

    3. I’m with ArseHole on this one… if you want your ‘man’ (the above picture is not a man. Far from it) to spend more time doing their hair and make-up than you do then date an emo homo like this retard. I on the other hand, like my men like I take my coffee… strong, white and a little sweet. Mmmm hmmm gf.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA, he goes to my school, he is not “cute” or “hot”. He sincerely enjoyed his hair looking like this, and didn’t do it for attention. He was what, 14 when this was taken? He’s alot different now. Poor guy, he was the laughing stock of the school for this picture.

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