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    1. i bet she set the plans in motion thinking she would win the money and pay it back before it was due.

  1. lol, I also sometimes mix up B and C variants in tests, for they can be written like
    A B
    C D, or

    A C
    B D
    So its more like “shit happens” ;D

  2. A lil to over confident. show off fail. slow down and let your brain process things more clearly when your in a situation with no undos

  3. how stupid women can be, this is the third women fail on a show in less than one month, come on U HAVE BRAIN USE IT, STOP THINKING WITH YOU FEELINGS (PUSSY)

    1. awwwwwwwww is someone a wittle sad nobody wants his wittle ding ding?? dont worry your time will come

  4. Ha – she must be from South Carolina – people there couldn’t even tell an owl from a hen… mainly because the population consists mostly of hens…

  5. Duh… trick question. Even the people who made the question don’t know that the correct answer is Paris Hilton. Nobody could get that right.

  6. I’d have started masturbating right on the spot just to try and see if it’d keep the episode from being aired. Hell, just failed in front of everybody anyway, right? Might as well give it a shot.

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