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  1. Mythbusters couldn’t get gasoline to ignite with a lit cigarette, so she may have seen that episode.
    Fail busted?

    1. hmmm, well we KNOW gasoline is flammable, sooo lets just go by Darwin’s Law, and NOT smoke near gasoline okay?

  2. I think the only thing FAIL about this is the ignorance of most people. What she was doing was completely safe. Granted she’s probably not smart enough to know this either. BUT it takes open flame not ashes to ignite the gasoline vapors. You can actually put a cigarette out in gasoline if there is no flame.

    1. well not really. the cigarette can actually ignite gasoline… given that gasoline vapor is released near the cigarette, that is why there are signs of no smoking in gas stations. The only way you can actually put a cigarette out with gasoline is if you have a controlled environment and there is NO gasoline vapor since gas is the most volatile substance, not liquid… 🙂

    2. if anyone tries this out, please take a video, we’ll be laughing our ass off while you have 3rd degree burns

    3. Actually your both wrong, nothing will happen you can put out the cigarette in gasoline. Environment Canada did the test 3000 times and mythbusters did it also. There are plenty of videos of people doing it on youtube.

    4. You can’t start a fire with a cigarette and gasoline and anyone who days you can is stupid.

    1. As indicated by the European license plates…
      Plus all US gas cans are red by law. So NOT America.

  3. um honey i have a green gas can and im from america. why do all gas cans have to be red. they have rights to you know. i don’t see why every body has to be so prejadist towards gas cans……that is all i have to say……im am no proud of what you did here younge lady. i am very dissopointed. bye

    1. Hey Jessica, green containers are commonly used for diesel fuel. We color code to prevent confusion and mixing the different fuels. I’m not proud of you being american and I’m disappointed in your lack of knowledge.

    1. As mentioned earlier, please video yourself putting that little gem of knowledge to the test. Thanks.

  4. dood this is not a fail. Im a mechanic and there is no way to ignite gas vapor with an ember. to ignite vapor requires open flame or a spark

    1. i agree with kirasao, a friend of mine “checked” the gas tank of his bike, and got a nice new hairstyle through the ignition. so please try it out and upp the vid 😉

  5. Actualy this is happening in russia and this women is smart.
    First of all here car is diesel, and you cannot ignite diesel. Second thing is that can is empty 🙂

    1. Whaaat? Is it diesel because the canister is black?
      When was the last time you heard of Diesel Lada pre-98?
      You fail. Drink less brake fluid or coolant or whatever you guzzle you skull back in the mornings.

  6. Yeah it probably wouldn’t light. BUT still a fail. Why take chances.
    WIN for her sweet squeezy grip though.

  7. Doesn’t anyone know that its a myth that you can ignite gasoline with a cigarette?
    There has to be a spark with enough heat or an open flame…..

  8. It looks like she doesn’t have much regard for her life anyway, she is smoking a cigarette! Maybe she wouldn’t suffer as much or cause others to suffer if she did catch fire. She may as well play Russian Roulette!

  9. See you notice how the europeon trash don’t talk shit, when the stupid fucks are in their own backyard. Typical europeons. lol

    1. Same applies to Americans… and learn to spell properly, you righteous, holier than thou U.S. dumbfuck

  10. Not a FAIL. I use gas powered equipment all day for work and do this everyday. You’re not gonna light the gas with a cig. Technically it is possible, but it has a lot to do with the temperatures that gas will ignite, and the oxygen/gas vapor ratio of the air. Sparks and flames are the only sources in normal enviroments, but a cigarette or even radiant heat will ignite gas assuming it was a closed enviroment, which is already probably heated, saturated with gas, and supplied with extra oxygen. In which point it would be a fail just to be inside it. Its never gonna happen otherwise. The only reason there is no smoking signs at gas stations is to stop dumb asses from lighting them there.

    1. thanks for posting this insightful comment in a place where no one could possibly care less. you win at being an asshole.

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