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    1. speaking french and being friend are not the same thing. being french mean you suck. speacking french just sounds like you suck

    2. Well you’re not even intelligent enough to know that a part of Canada speaks french,which is pretty much common knowledge. So maybe you should think twice before judging people like that. Because if I would judge people like you do, I’d say you must be seriously retarded.

      Oh and by the way, you can’t even write in your own language without making mistakes! 😉

  1. tabarnak!

    I highly doubt that fail… probably someone that switched chocolate.. it doesnt even fit well in the box…

  2. Indeed, In Canada the simpsons is actually about SSpiderman, And they barely mention the simpsons at all! Infact, their spiderman shows and movies are more about the simpsons! Oh life makes so much sense now! Where’s my PCP?

    1. Nah we dont even pay attention to characters anymore, because were usually outside not like you americans laying on the couch eatting m and m’s and adding to the country’s obesity problem. simpsons lost it anyways there new episodes blow..

  3. If there’s french on the sticker, it doesn’t mean it was made by french ppl. In Canada, they HAVE to put both languages on packaging in order to sell them. So it could have been made anywhere in Canada

  4. from the person who took the picture… this was in wal-mart!! not opened 😛 and our chocolate is amazing… along with our ketchup chips

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