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  1. What a fag. What the fuck is he trying to do anyways? I think his nipple clamp exploded when he plugged it in to the wall.

    1. Trying to make a squib. If I were him, I’d test it somewhere NOT on my body first. But that wasn’t his first mistake.


    3. exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point one.

    4. I was wondering the same thing Carella, 18 years old boys are so childish..Aahah , but that’s Okay.

    1. I plug my cock in sometimes when teeth just won’t do it. It’s not bad, but amps make me come, not volts.

    2. Actually, it’s the combination of amps and volts that kills. High amperage at a low voltage isn’t as dangerous as low amperage at high voltage.

    3. amps are what kill higher voltage cause more burning and can knock you off and burn and rip skin…. amps create a hold and have a greater potential to disrupt the electrical signals from the brain to the heart creating a heart attack…. know what you are talking about before you comment bitches… nothing like poorly educated retards….

    4. The 120 volt outlet is no joke. Of course, it’s not voltage that gets you, it’s amperage. However, the amperage on these outlets is 12 amps, if I remember right. It actually only takes a few milliamps to cause defibrilation.

    5. Can people stop talking about amps and voltage? About 4 people have said the same thing (just in different words), just so that they can sound smart. But here’s the thing your missing, NO ONE CARES

    1. Hope you’re aware the more humane and civilized ones among us are thinking that of you, not of him.
      We hope you don’t contaminate the gene pool more by breeding.

    2. +1 for nordvind, it should be a crime to be that stupid.

      but, i’m rather sure he didn’t die…

    1. he didnt die terrance is just being a fag as usual…the kid makes special effects and this is what he was trying to do…i saw this before it went on fail sites, there was debate that the pop stung him a bit or that he was acting like he got shot…hes definitely not dead

      terrance needs to go be a loser on youtube and just leave hes beyond fail even for this site

    2. He knows because thats his only joke. To post that joke is his only purpose in life, the reason to get up in the morning. Now that he has posted his “did he died” joke, he’ll sit at home all alone til someone else get hurts and can use that joke again. Terrance, you are a pathetic, useless piece of shit.

    3. and all the douchbag assholes saying shit on your comment should die as well 🙂

  2. Hahahahahaha he cried like a bitch. i know anyone gettin there nipple shocked like that with raw current would make the same bitch ass sound.

  3. Hahahahaha Stupid kid, he should pay more attention to his physics classes….by the way those are nice Faggot’s sounds effects hahahahahahaa

  4. Im actually glad the video ended when it did i started feeling bad for the kid at the end. im pretty sure another few seconds he would have started crying

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