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    1. yes fourth is really for the lonley people and it’s very sad. unless it’s fourth in line to the playboy mansion.

  1. That is a very depressing, lame product.
    Sorry son I didn’t make it to your birthday again, here’s a huggiegram with me saying how sorry I am and fake wooden flowers.
    Latch-key kid, latch-key kid, nobody loves the latch key kids.

  2. What about a “Spray jizz all over your back then roll over and go to sleep-iegram” That’s what I want to send my woman when I cant be there.

    1. Just cum in a spray bottle? And DON’T set that shit to “mist,” its stream bitch or nothing!

  3. I love how they say that flowers are cliche and boring, yet “if you order now,” you can get roses included in your order! Uh, what? Did you even listen to what you just said?

    What a sad commercial in so many ways!

  4. Flowers are so lame, why do i always get flowers “order huggy gram now and get free flowers”

    Who wouldnt order this? im on the phone right now.

  5. Thirty fucking bucks for this piece of shit?

    Recorded sound? How about just calling her and saying something?


  6. This is my best friends product, Now like all of you all I ever thought from Day one was EPIC FAIL! but now I have to put my foot in my mouth because he is making made money off the dumb people that do pay for it. So laugh now but he is on the way to the bank with a 7 Figure check thanks to 1-800-flowers

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