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  1. the terrible thing is this isnt even freestyle. if you watch his eyes hes reading it off the screen!

  2. This shit is nuts to the 30th nut degree! I say we support him like Southpark supports Wing!

  3. Hey rangahahumungdeyhungeysuckcockaydalumdeedumdeeblowjobBarackObama
    -Your friendly
    neighborhood Potato

  4. dont worry fail white rapper kid, I’ll draw their attention away with my fail rap!!!

    I watched your rap, and dont be suprised, I laughed at that shit until I cried. Youre the kind of guy no one can hate, cus you sit in youre room and masturbate. Nerdy ass virgin, weak ass chump, yo fake ass rap made me wanna take a dump. I’ll use yo rhyms as my tissue, shitty mouth boy, im sorry I dissed you. My rap made you burn like the flames of hell, but thats what happens when you rap and FAIL!!!

  5. this fucking kid is retarded, hes barking his face, only problem with his acne is its all over the place, i keep trippin, im ripping farts its what a disgrace, but this kid,
    mouthfucka’s like an alien race. he cant rap, fuck that! i make the brains BLAT! attacking da back relaxing fluids a trap!
    but whats that? its digg,….. his face is now forever,perplexing 5th graders staying up to check da twitter
    mom and dad are always bitter
    but this kids
    keep digger deaper
    interent is like the reaper
    killing fat virgins with the sleeper
    i came on for a minute
    and this kid thing hes the shiznit
    now my brains exploding with this
    comentary from all these fat kids
    what the fuck
    hate youtube!
    not in the mood?
    zig heil the jews
    fucking screwed
    its all relapsin
    not a wigger
    just recapin
    i dont grab on my balls
    or wear the hate sideways
    walking like my nutsack
    got stuck back
    in the suns rays
    what ever
    i see all these flashing comments
    coming back to make me vomit
    so i clean it up with comit
    yes a quota!
    from da movie
    malibus got famous booty
    acting snooty
    im just pollution
    fuck you bitches
    im swimming uoo-ceans.

  6. He needs to have rythm, rhyme with more personality. Rap like a rapper and not a geek squad manager, look mean at least intimidating, drink some water cause your mouth is full of spit, get the new proactiv see if that works, get a beat

  7. hmm, what advice could make you better? Cut out your vocal cords. That should improve the situation greatly

  8. wtf!?!?!?!?!!? i feel like shooting myself in the face this kid fucking sux people like him should b takin at birth and thrown in front of a bus what a fucking failure


  10. So…has anyone heard if he has killed himself yet? I’m just saying..looking like that..sounding like that… and you know he didn’t wanna broadcast this over the web, poor moron was just trying to get some help on how to rap. Now look at him..his only option now to save face[not that he has much of a face left to save]is to kill himself.

  11. Jesus christ, people are retarded. A completely fucking delusional chump. Absolutely pathetic. He should set his sights a little lower…maybe burger king is hiring?

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