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  1. If that wasn’t Canada I’d say: Shit like that (usually) only happens in South Carolina… well, guess the guy was from South Carolina – I mean… well… it’s obvious why, isn’t it?

    1. if you count “Amaerican” as correct spelling then u both must be from another country.

    2. Yarg, ye just kind of proved ye self wrong there me friend.

  2. loddi dahh im walking, ( trips over nothing ) FAIL… if somebody won please let me know who did, besides the sidewalk…

  3. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU TRIP ON AIR?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. After I watched the reporters fial with a topic nobody wants to know about, somebody fial³s(TRADEMARK) THEM ALL! A ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE!!

  5. this is a fail because shes saying there are a lot of artist on the streer and it´s actully just two guys, so lame. The stumbling guy is bonus; DBL EPIC FAIL¡

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