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    1. I love the look he gives at the fan, he’s clearly thinking of ripping the whole thing apart. But he’s too hurt. rofl

  1. The fan is going the wrong way. It is blowing air up. That’s really the only way somthing like that is painfull. I speak from experience.

  2. It doesn’t feel too good to get hit by a ceiling fan. The worst part is all the dust caked on top of the blades falls off and goes all over the place.

    1. The ceiling fan is not a “fan” of his dance moves.

      Could someone please point me in the direction of where I can pick up my Pun Award. It’s in the mail? Thanks, how convenient.

  3. Ok I’ve seen some white boyz kick ass in a dance battle and i gotta say this dude set them back a decade or so. Thank you ceiling fan, for telling him to cut that shit out.

  4. ohhh snap never watch this high…

    he gave a look at the fan like “are you kidding me? youre really gonna do that to me?” and then shakes it off…. bahahahahhaa

  5. Hah,dance moves are just off the video “How to dance at a rave” by Leroy or sth like that on YouTube.Now that is just proper fail ;D

  6. This happens to me all the time…..not the dance the fan thing, why do they put fans where people like to dance at? huh?

  7. Did you notice that his finger stops the fan completely and actually causes is to go backwards for a moment? Too bad there wasn’t massive blood.

  8. the whole thing is fake, in my opinion. didn’t anyone else notice he was so close to the fridge? if he was really dancing he would have been in the middle of the room. he set this up.

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