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    1. if he did not plan it why did he push the pole under him instead of away from him like most people would havve done

    2. First to take the whole pole up the shitter. I bet you’re a fan of anal ring toss too.

  1. the only fail is that you think someone cares that your first and that your mad cause you want a pole shoved up your ASS

    1. lmfao, NICE haha you know that taking a shit is gonna hurt after that one lol

  2. First off all of you are dumb as fuck. this is my brother. and it shouldnt be an epic fail because he made the bar. maybe all of you un-athletic fucks should go outside and play a sport

    1. @bi… are so ignorant….there is NO GENE that is linked to homosexuality….people either get molested, or people have daddy issues….or in the not so common case a hormone imbalance….no gene you fag

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