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    1. I thought the same thing too, But If you look at the shadows they play off in other directions. If it was Photoshoped the guy who made it took way too much time out of his hands. But it probbably isn’t phtotoshoped.

  1. Well, it’s not entirely symmetric… the flush handles point the same direction. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “gay bar”… dunno…

  2. Its not 2 of the same toilet, you can tell by looking at the lighting on the Chrome, its actually 2 different toilets Photoshoped into 1.

    1. And you would know. btw I’ve seen your trolling comments, dude, log off the computer and go outside, you’ve been posting replies for quite some time today. Do you honestly go back and defend yourself on every response? You’ve been posting since 12, get a life.

    2. wouldn’t you have been on the computer for quite a while yourself if you have been watching Orbital post since 12?

    3. No Alice, it would not mean that. See, when you post here, there’s this little magical stamp of time, a time stamp if you will, that shows when it was posted. It’s actually quite amazing as it shows the current time of said post along with the date. Thank you Sally for giving me the chance to teach all of the one person, you, on how things work here. Next week, I’ll teach you how to act like a big boy.

    1. Something tells me you have a vacuum cleaner suckin your dick right now. That money you use to buy a new vacuum every week, use it to rent some pussy and come back with at least a half life.

    2. How about when I am done with this vacuum I will ship it to you and you can use it to suck your Dad’s jizz out of your ass.

  3. omg i was gonna say someone used a mirror and that isnt real but the i saw the handles are going the same way and omfg lolomgwtgdairyqueen

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