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    1. As bad as it is to call first, it’s worse to respond with some stupid ass “first to” comment that’s been said way too much. Orbital, you gonna start posting pedobears and facepalms too? I swear you’re like half woman-half child, you love to bitch and complain but you have the mentality of a child.

    2. People that say first on a topic instead of just actually saying something deserve to get ridiculed. I don’t believe in pedobears and facepalms.

    3. @failboy to lick the wrinkly old balls of your own grandfather.

      @Orbital Get creative crybaby.

  1. Do you feel pity for him because you also lost your right eye when someone took a dump on your face and your eye got infected so they had to remove it?

    1. yeah cause u never see a black or spic doing anything stupid…? always with the races.. what has that got to do with anything??

    1. It’s these kindergarten retards playing. They sit on the website and wait for a new fail to be posted. The first to post a comment wins, you see? They are probably too retarded to be able to spell anything else and that’s why they don’t post anything else.

    2. See?

      KellyD, I posted a comment for you to send me those dirty undies of yours, uh, I cunt remember what fail it was.

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