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    1. WOW of course dildodouchebag commented on this one to i bet thats him in the background there but he will deny it even though he looks pretty much the same or worse then this bitch

  1. It’s almost a paradox when really hot and hella not are in the same photo, muchless in the same room.
    How did such a petite slice of hot spice come from a composted pile of everything nasty?
    A Rose from a bed of manure I guess

  2. It’s scarey but true..If you want to know what your girlfriend/wife is going to look like in twenty or thirty years,just look at her mom…

    1. DDB, shut the fuck up already you dumb son of a bitch. Why is it that for almost every picture/movie that I see you have to leave a comment about fucking someone’s mom? I bet you’re just some fat virgin sitting in front of a computer screen ripping on people who just want to express their opinion, because your 2nd grade IQ and obese body keep you from getting laid. Jackass.

    2. No, you shutup, I was just commeting like everybody else. Why does everyone be mean to me. HeartbrakePrincess right I sware down if you don’t fucking stop stalking me you slag, I will hunt you down, rape you then kill you, and make your family watch.

  3. When did you and my mom hook up DildoDoucheBag? Was that before she died in 1993? Necrophiliac Fail…LMFAO….

    1. If dildodouchebag did sleep with your mom prior to 1993 (even if she did just lay there, lol) that’s not considered necrophilia. The only way to dig up the truth, is to have the body exhumed & throughly analyzed by a professional. PornStar marc & Maximus have discreetly volunteered to undertake in body removal for examination. Agreed? .. A reply will be taken as a consent to start the process. 😉

  4. LOL..I ment to say after not prior to 1993..Yes I would also like to know the truth.. If DildoDoucheBag was doing that nasty to my dearly departed moms remains. So yes, you have my consent..Please let me know your results…

  5. Nice girl, need to tap that now before she`ll and up like that thing in the back that should live in salty water.

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