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  1. To me it seems that the cat was curious and went to investigate, the cat thought that the lady was hurting the kid, so the cat was trying to protect the kid from the lady.

    That’s all i can think of.

    1. its pretty clear shes a teenage babysitter doing a reasonably good job playing with the kid and keeping kid from steppin in the smashed glass,kid doesnt cry,,fact all kids rub there eyes wen they cry not this kid thats hears BRAKAGE wakes up an comes running figures out what made the noise an finds a stranger in its home near its owners/masters offspring which is a big no no.its most likly poor babysitters first day(s) taking care of the kid hench the realtime color nanny cams.the protective cat was fast asleep and did not see the babysitter arrive or see babysitter with the perents befor they left the house. so the protective cat does not know baby sitter is safe.the cat instinctively will think babysitter is sizing kid up to harm/eat and trys to keep her at a safe distance from the kid,the other cat stands between the babysitter and the protective cat at 1:33mins and is non violent so probly saw babysitter arrive at the house an knows shes not a threat and is acting normal in the background at 0:40secs befor the glass broke, thats what i think happens! wow i wrote a novel sorry !

  2. See, even cats can protect a person! That cat was brilliant! I agree with Sasha, I reckon the cat was only trying to protect the little guy. Josh, shame on you that you do not know the love an animal like a cat can give…

    1. i agree with vivid and sasha ..josh u got to love the pussy!!!!vivid i want to see the love your pussy can give!

  3. i love how the other cat was like ‘hey? whats going on?! Chill out dude, relax… I got your back though, if you need it, i’ll jump in too!’

    1. That was probably kid’s babysitter. The cat wouldn’t attack its master just like that, but babysitter, yes.

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