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    1. if your definition of success is how big your bank account is, then it’s no surprise you’re one of his biggest fans. he appeals to the most superficial and materialistic of society, people who are very easily impressed, people who have no taste in music, fashion, art, etc., ie. people like you.

    2. We Germans tried to warn you Americans..this is what happens when you let Jews run a country made for whites.

  1. This is coming from a Canadian, On behalf of Canada, we’re truly sorry for producing a stupid ass fuck head like that.

  2. the guy’s question was “justin, bieber is german for basketball, true or false” but the way he read it sound like he just said “justin bieber, is german for basketball, true or false” so the question didnt rly make sense the way he read it…

    1. Doesn’t matter, he didn’t know what the word “German” meant, even after the guy showed it to him written on the card. Not knowing what German means is along the same lines of not knowing what a cucumber is. It’s basic common knowledge. He’s an airhead, which I’m not saying to be mean or hateful, I’m ok with the fact that he’s an airhead and I don’t hold it against him. Everyone has the right to be an airhead if that’s who they are that’s fine.

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