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    1. hey you stole my name.. oh well atleast im the official name and design and i have reputation around these parts.

    2. By the way people i’m officially back! things have changed like the disappearance of HeartBreakPrincess and EuropeGuy. I am also submitting my own fails which i get from mysterious sources. Enjoy cock suckers!!!

    3. Umm.. The icon is unique to your computer. You commented on your own post pretending the first one wasn’t you. That’s tragic.

    4. DildoDoucheBag, whores have a reputation too and they aren’t always good to have. Catch my drift cockbag?

    5. @DonJacky first i know my icon is unique to my email not the computer so you fail. second i wasnt pretending it was me so you fail again. go rape your dying grandma while she miraculously has her period.

    6. So since its unique to your own e-mail that means the other dude somehow found your e-mail address out and commented that way?

  1. thats just what fucking kids do. Run away from parents and pass out godknowswhere at some random ass place in a store.

  2. This must be the day Chaotic Theory’s parents abandoned him because he was caught raping his little brother.

    1. CT owns DildoDoucheBag. One day DildoDoucheBag may make a worthwhile comment, until then still a sucker ass bitch.

    2. I don’t care i know CT is way better then me, i mean he owned me in bed he penetrated my butthole and came inside.

    3. That’s right I did! And don’tcha forget, you’re my bitch and I’m yo daddy.

    4. DildoDoucheBag hahahahaha the name says it all….. i see wht Chaotic Theory might hate you… you are such a loser +5 for Chaotic Theory!

  3. i dont see the fail, i sleep in stores all the time, lol, besides its probably his parents that took the pic

    1. thats how you got hit on the head, bob. thats the main reason your retarded.

    2. shut up you dumbass 10 year old fag thats why ur always talkin about fucking peoples moms, your just trying to make urself feel better about being gay

    3. im not gay im a hermafrodite and i do have sex with everyones mom so stfu i even did your mom thats how you where born!

  4. you really need to watch your kids more often what are you trying to do get them killed???????????? RETARD be a better parent

  5. Them shelves are pretty strong, but still even if they could hold up a car, just the paranoia would make you not want to let your kid learn about gravity this way

    1. yeah well, sure they are, but if that heavy thing falls for any reason, that kid could go flat-line for good

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if it was the LG A/C above the kid? Life’s Good! That’s why you don’t get to live it! *kid gets owned*

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