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    1. Dirty Fag i challenge you to a sword fight to the death. I say this because you’re getting annoying with your crappy pirate language. I’ll make sure your gay sex pirates never come back. yes that includes Dycken, your gayest pirate.

    2. I like the pirate and he just made a comment without saying first which is near impossible for anyone to do on here. At least he is creative. Your trolling is bad Dildo.

    3. I’m not a troll, i just happen to be a new type of innovation. I’m the next generation of what you douche bags call a troll.

    4. Nah, you’re just a troll. There’s nothing innovative or origional about you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    5. Yarg, nah only do i accept ye challenge ye Bilgerat, but now i wont ever give ye me crews spiked dildo. I knew ye always wanted it but now ye’ll ne’er get a chance! harg harg harg

    6. @ DildoDoucheBag: Wow your really living up to your name huh? Lighten the fuck up you misereble peace of shit. Go give your mom a rim job…

    1. Dude we got rid of you off this for a few months didnt you learn why last time or did you just get off of detention and now you’re bored?

    1. The only homo here is you FIRST. You got your small pecker sucked by a tranny with aids and chlymidia. While you were doing that i put both of my penises in your mom while she sucked my dogs cock.

    2. both penises?, i bet you got your neighbours penis in your vagina while dildo tickles all day inside your arse

    3. Hahahah dildo has 2 penises! Nice find first. Dildo, while you are having sex with your dad, do you have sex with your own asshole at the same time?

  1. This must be what Chaotic Theory does when hes desperate to get girls attention since he cant even attract an atom.

    1. aw man i’m failing on epic fail… i guess i should just go and kill myself…

    2. No, but we all wish you would. Wait……….200 mph is too fast. We want it at about 35 so that you die a slowwwwwww painful death.

    1. it hurts my cock when i see a damn brit. go back to the ocean bunch of fags

  2. who here agrees with me that dildodouchebag’s insults are queer and useless and needs to come up with better material?

  3. Way to go you idiot. I don’t know why he’s unconscious when he landed on his head because it must be empty to do something this dumb. If he hit his head hard enough, I’m sure shit would come pouring out.

  4. This isnt a fail… what you all do realize, is that this kid just perfectly executed the treacherously hard “Half Back Flip”. Few are brave enough to do it on concrete though. I was really impressed by the way he stuck the landing with his obviously fragile skull. I applaud him for going the extra mile!

    PS- Please sterilize his parents before they breed again to replace him.

  5. The only reason this turned out to be a fail was because these were guys doing it. If this stunt was performed by drunken girls, they would have landed it wasted, and naked. Now don’t you think that would have been more satisfying???

  6. Hah! Its funny because she tried to do a blackflip but she landed right on her head! That is why it is so funny.

  7. Dear DildoDoucheBag and all of his fellow buttpirates,
    You all sound pathetic as fuck. Please, will all of you go to the nearest gas station with two dollars, buy a candy bar, and take the change back to your house. Call your friend over and ask him/her to take one of the dimes you got from the change, and saw your useless, pitiful bodies in half.
    Sincerely, Lythander.

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