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    1. the POLES would have straps that would hold them to the person arms. if they let them go they would only become floting death sticks.

  1. okay that was just hilarious, i cant believe he flipped that many times without skis… i actually laughed at that one

    1. is this terrance or a terrance wannabe?…you know what it doesnt matter because ill give you just about as much hate towards you as i have for terrance

    2. @dildo please do a ass2mouth with your dildo… if the european’s wouldn’t have gone over the ocean, u couldn’t post your dummy ideas. what by the way would be great, because u US citizens r not worth the earth you’r pissing on

  2. It would be a cool move if the guy flying through the air was real. It was a dummy, not a person. If the non moving hands and feet does not give it away for you, if the landing and umoving body part in preperation for a hard landing does not give you a clue either, use google and that will give you the story of the dummy ski trip!

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