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  1. It’s Synthol. It’s an oil that can be directly injected into the muscle and bonds with it and gives them the appearance of being extremely large…or diseased.

  2. To everybody that said implants.. its actually synthol.. it says that right in the title.. its an injected substance to produce artificial and strictly COSMETIC mass

  3. Haha, drop him in prison and he will be a favorite. I would love to come across him in a weight gym and see if he has any strength at all. Or better yet to spar with him to see if I can strike some of that oil off of him. But I will pass on the ground work, this is a bit homo-erotic “yikes”

  4. omfg … why do these dudes think this is sexy?! he looks like he got a boob job in a cup tripple Z and most of it shoved to the wrong place

  5. yup… he has actual tits now instead of a muscled chest… why in hell’s name would anyone do that to themselves…

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