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    1. I just gotta ask, did you even watch the video? No wonder why everyone hates America, they get us confused with other countries.

    2. Funny part is that this is shot at a dutch liberation day festival. The dutch wore liberated by USA and Canada..this is what Americans get in return…lol

      greetings from holland!

    3. Then I’ll admit to fail on me. Still sounds like he is picking up a dutch accent, but I’ll take your word cock smoker.

    4. Retard, only stupid people urinate in such disgusting places. I mean look at the thing. People might as well pee in a bucket. No wonder Europe smells bad. Fuck Europe there going down anyways with there stupid currency.

    5. *their… x2…you better not be american…im fucking norwegian and i know your language better than you..shame shame. and europe is the ones going down….riight

    6. @hhh it’s disgusting to urinate in a urinal? Most festivals and what not i’ve been to in the states, people just use a bush

    7. Kaaskop, he was an American.. wearing a Red Maple Leaf? Weird, seems awfully CANADIAN to me.

      This site is good for fails! Yay!

    8. yeyy mihai! lol but like the others said it’s dutch..and i never though i’d say it but yeah Europe’s going DOWN >:D!
      (specially Froggy land) LOL just saying

    9. mihai are you an idiot. if u r a n American you will not wash you hand on something that LOOKS dirty, believe me American are way more cleaner then other countries, we American do not like it when there is a single dirt on our cloth and our hands in fact we hate it

    10. Typical euro-trash would put urnals out there for their little euro-trash kids to see other peoples little pee-pees. Oh, so your hai huh. faggot

  1. When the hell do you see yellow water (and im pretty sure it would stink) and think this is where you wash hands?

    1. yeah right HHH. stupid gay boy. that is why the euro pwns the dollar righT? look at the national debt america has comparing to the well faring European countries.

      Just do your homework and come try whining next time.
      America SUX.. I dont even want to be found dead in America.

    2. typical euro-fags. you never see america slander other people until the euro-fags start it. by the way no-one wants your dead carcass over here anyways. we don’t you polluting our ground with your tuna smellin’ twat. go fuck euroman

    1. that’s how they talk. you ever watch their movies. they mumble when they talk. like they got a cock in their mouth. know wonder everyone likes american movies. you can understand what they say.

  2. This hapend in holland on the 5th of may.
    The guy came from the toilet and thought it was a sink with beer in it. So he washed his hands in it.

    1. @ Kaaskop
      Best Comment EVER!

      BTW – what do Coors and sex in a canoe have in common? They are both f&cking close to water!

  3. hahaha, american, what a douchebag, but there used to be covered in piss i guess. only good thing about them is there use of being a human shield in iraq.

    1. Your name says it all. Speaking of Iraq, do us all a favor and go die in a war.

    2. My god… calm down everyone, crappy is looking for that kind of response to feed No worries. btw, that urinal looks dumb, plus it’s out in the open no privacy. Weird design. I bet he figured it wasn’t a urinal if there’s a female reporter standing there watching… the whole thing is a fail.

  4. whats fail here? urine is really sterile and effective in killing germs… how about get your facts straight before you start your hypocritical slander

    1. um its your factas that are wrong, urine is not sterile when it leaves the body, it aquires aerobic bacteria on it path out of the body, hence why it smells bad…im a med student so im not wrong so dont try arguing

    2. Naz: man, you’re tough as the skin on a pimps dick :). But you’re damn right.

    3. Naz. If that were true then every clean catch or cath urine specimen at the hospital would grow bacteria, which is not the case (provided it went into a sterile container). Urine leaving the body is sterile (at least for a few seconds) until it hits an unsterile container, in this case, a piss-box in the middle of Amsterdam. I am an attending and I am never wrong, so don’t try arguing.

    4. lol i told you guys not to argue, to the attending – you get the bacteria from the last few centimeters of the urethra, the only reason im arguing so much is because i jus passed urology a few days ago

    5. Euh men or pig I should say. Urine is so not sterile. Yeah it’s what your body rejects logically it can’t be good. You were probably brainwashed by your retarded father. You live on a farm, you fuck sheep, you eat mold, you drink milk straight out of your cows and you eat raw meat. Your ancestors probably come from france.

    6. are you kidding me… in a life or death situation where you havev no water… you can drink that up to 3 times before its toxic…. I’m not saying you should drink it… but you CAN drink it if you have to.

    7. Hey Date, I invite you for a drink, first round is on me! Guess what we got for you, YOU`RE FAVORITE 😉

      Asshole pig XD

    1. hydrallus, like u would no he was from canada!!!! just cuz he is wearing a canadian jacket dosen’t mean he is canadian!!! besides if he was canadian he would have known it was a public urnial!!!! duh!!!! =P

    2. he def has a southern american accent. just cuz u wear a country’s name on ur shirt dont mean ur from there

    3. Sabrinas, why would him being canadian make him know that it was a urinal any more than anyone else? The fact is that this individual, from where-ever, is a fucking idiot! I’m an american CHICK and knew right away that was a giant relief pan.

    1. He sewed the fucking company who set up this fucking large bucket. Then he sewed them a second time for having put the fucking face of a black guy at the entrance in a country where black people are not common. Fucking racists, Europeans. He only got 10’000 € = $ 1. So now the U.S government decided to invade the country and destroy everything then rebuilding there schools teaching them that urine is not sterile when it leaves your urethra.

    2. FAIL on your response for having nothing to do with my comment.
      AND Fail on “sewed”

    3. @hhh….so what exactly did the guy “sew” for the company? A new jacket? What?

      Sued* Their* and…you may want to check that currency exchange again, lol

    1. Because he drinks Budweiser. No difference in the smell or the alcohol content.

  5. I love America. I really do, but douchebags like that guy who go to other countries and totally make asses out of themselves should be put to sleep or something.

    1. What does this have to do with America. Americans wear a red maple leaf jacket now?

  6. I don’t understand why it matters what country he’s from… An idiot is an idiot. You got em in every country, why the hell ones it matter? No one is perfect, fags.

    Why can’t you just laugh at him because he’s an idiot? Like everyone else on Epic Fail. You got fails from all over the world, and all people can think about is, “Stupid American! Stupid European”. It’s getting old. You’re all stupid. KTHXBAI

    1. It doesn’t matter.. but for the record (and the third time) he is wearing a Canadian jacket, thus is a Canadian.

      And yes, I think it’s cool that he at least is concerned with hygiene.

  7. I am just wondering from what part of america is that accent from? English is my second language and her english seemed weird to me.

    1. Hydrallus, you’re a fucking idiot. Kecem was referring to the girl, hence “her”.

      Kecem, she is not speaking english, nor is she american. As far as I can tell it sounds German.

  8. Isn’t Canada in America? I know it’s not in the US, but I’m pretty sure it’s on the continent of North America. Saying Canada isn’t in America because it’s not in the USA is like saying Switzerland isn’t in Europe because it’s not in the EU. All this was leading up to…


    1. @Guy
      What is it with you fucktards who keep mistaking the United States of America for fucking NORTH America. I swear the the part of you that was supposed to be your brain was used up lubing your mom’s desert-dry vag.
      Sorry for long time betwixt comment and reply.

    2. Guy, you only contradict yourself fuck-face. I’m sure by “stupad american” you’re referring to someone from the USA, yet according to you, Americans are anyone from north america. You fail.

  9. If you pay a little attention at his hands, you can see how he scraps the stuff on the bottom and searches the deepest spots.

  10. I’m not giving this site the benifit of the doubt to read all the ccomments before saying that, none of you tardos realized he’s drunk off his ass did ya? I don’t care what country you’re from, when you’re that drunk you’d wash your hands in dog shit without thinking twice…

  11. Wow, wtf is wrong with you people…. All those comments are retarded. -_- You all just want a reason to fight. Fucking savages, no wonder this world is going to shit, all everyone wants to do is fight fight and… you guessed it, FIGHT! D: And sucks the dude washed his hands in piss, it really does. Poor Drunk dude.

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