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    1. If it makes you feel better about your self worth and your days brighter i say keep it up.

  1. Ah, the beauty and innocence of today’s youth. Actually, I had thought about doing some shit like this when I was in high school. This is definitely a win!

  2. Whippin your dick out in school in front of the whole school, and the pedobear head could cover your business. you mr mantoots will know what backfire really means.

  3. I thought this fail would have been an actual DBZ scene that we never really paid attention to, like the back to the future one.

    1. Absoluteeow! the guy with red bonnet was like ”whoa dude! hah! hah! hah! that’s big! can I touch it?” and the guy with the yellow costume was like ” hey, they love me1” radicalll!

  4. I just got irritated that the person couldn’t keep the damn camera straight, I wanted to see everyone else’s reaction x]
    Lol I love when the guy who kicked him off stage did a facepalm.

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  6. If that’s a WIN, he’d better go pee in front of the PM. I see no win here. Just like the title says, it is a FAIL, both for the kid and the organization.

    1. Baris=Epic Fail. You have no fucking sense of humor. This was an epic win. Piss on you and all your conservative friends.

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  7. I’m laughing at the one guys still doing the dragonballz thing while he’s peeing. He’s late on noticing it.

  8. lool thought the fail was the guy on the cosplay of goku xD then the douche bag started peeing, still a fail to me

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