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    1. “Being that you are first you can now ride his unicycle with the seat taken off!”

      That was pretty good haha. It makes me think of that south park episode with Mr. Garrison’s transportation invention.

    2. Also Bob, you will be the first person to die from semen poisoning after giving over 300 blowjobs in one day.

  1. A one wheeled device coming with this much ass kicking, i must say there is a glimmer of hope for these once proud things pre circus/carnival days.

  2. ahaha he got so owned he was disorientated to the point where he didn’t know which hurting part of his body to grab

  3. Poor guy. He didn’t start to cry or scream and the second fail wasn’t that much of his fault, so I’d say we shouldn’t at least insult this guy :).

  4. There is this magical invention called a helmet that helps prevent your brains from falling out of your skull. If this guy had one it might not of hurt so bad when he hit his head 3 times in 2 seconds.

  5. Is he alone, filming himself or are there people holding the camera for him? If there are, this fail is on their part. How could they just film this guys agony and not help him?

  6. This video is funny and I hate it when some people keep saying first in a video clip, it’s immature and it’s old already. Scumbags that want to be first in petty things

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