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    1. First beers don’t naturally come with straws. This guy is just a homo.

    2. that is not his first bear lol, his alcoholic dad replaced milk with bear as a infant…

    1. You are all misinformed. Drinking through a straw does not get you more drunk. Drinking MORE gets you more drunk. (If you drink more through a straw then you would not using a straw, then yes using a straw would get you more drunk. Nothing about drinking though a straw makes you more drunk except if it makes you drink more than normal.) Drinking BEER through a straw is something an underage faggot would do unless he is just kidding around. Even then, still gay.

    2. Hmm actually there are a lot of arguments for and against it. This was one of the better arguments that it does get you drunk faster:
      It is indeed correct that when you drink beer with a straw you get drunk faster compared to when you drink beer in a regular way. When creating a vacuum while sucking on the straw, the boiling point of alcohol drops (in normal circumstances 79 degrees Centigrade) and alcohol vapours are created in the straw. These vapours are inhaled in the lungs, and via that way the alcohol gets into the blood much faster than the alcohol that ends up in the stomach by drinking it the normal way.
      Moreover, beer gets into the mouth by means of a straw in very narrow jets, as a result of which it has a larger surface in the oral cavity. As a result of this more alcohol can evaporate before it is swallowed. The palate (with a loot of blood circulation inside) already absorbs part of the alcohol vapours. Also this is a shorter way for the alcohol to get into the blood and to make you drunk faster.
      When drinking the same amount of beer the effects on one’s health remain the same whether you drink the beer in a normal way or with a straw, provided that one gets drunk faster when drinking with a straw. The total amount of alcohol does not change.

    3. This guy argues against the boiling point making a difference:
      “The only problem with the “boiling point” issue is that the moment is regains stasis (in the back of the mouth) the BP goes back to its original point. There is not enough pressure difference for ANY off gassing to occur. There is no expansion of the fluid in the straw only when it first reaches the mouth cavity. Then bang! instant expansion. Then Bang! back to normal.

      Insignificant time and pressure variances for this boiling point effect to matter.

      I have found many sites that say NO!

      I can not find any “Snopes” topic on it.”

    4. Hah well it is actually kind of interesting and something I would like to know the real scientific answer to. People’s untested, unproven “opinions” including my own mean nothing. I have been trying to find it but no luck. And sorry I like to try to learn something every once in a while rather than pass on supposed “facts” from an unqualified person’s internet opinion.

    5. Funny thing is i didn’t even bother to read all that crap you wrote Orbital. You just wasted minutes of your life damn looser.

    6. thx orbital, quite interesting…don’t mind cleetus and his bro, that was over their head XD

    7. actually, drinking beer that way is kinda relaxing… best to chill out in some buddy crib while playing ps3 (or xbox360)
      so fuck all the scientific shit!
      drinking beer throug a straw at a gamer party is best cuz you won’t need ur hands to drink out of it an can use both hands on the controller to pwn ur enemies^^

    8. nah dude thats fucking stupid you cant get drunker faster from drinking from a straw. Thats fucking hella stupid! I seen it on some gay urban legend show on mtv.

    9. In his defense it is called a “snorkel” which is an equivalent to a “shotgun” like you would do with a beer can. Instead of punching a hole in the bottom of the bottle (which will not work for obvious reasons) you place a straw in the beer folding the straw around the opening of the bottle and bottoms up. The beer rushes down your throat. i.e. Think of a gas can with the opening in the back to allow the gas to come out quickly. Fast easy and creative. Too bad he didn’t take the picture attempting the “snorkel” and looks as though he is drinking a beer with a straw. Sad. As for the comment about raising the temperature in the straw is a good argument but is irrelevant b/c people don’t drink beer with straws. That is nonsense.

    1. First to get a blow job from a freak with sharp teeth while your mom puts her period blood all over you and your dad takes a dump on you.

  1. bottle + bendy straw = fastest beer ever. fact. bend the straw against the neck and bottoms up, straw lets the air in.

    1. It actually really isnt. Its called a j-straw. You don’t suck out of the straw but you bend it over the side and drink through the gap. It filters most of the excess air which helps the beer go down much smoother. Everyone should use a straw. This is a win!

  2. If you put a straw in the top of a bottle, then bend it over to the side you can chug it in seconds!! maybe he was going to do that πŸ™‚

  3. Yup agreed I was going to point out the same thing, I see no fail here! Assuming that he wasn’t using the straw in a girly way!

  4. trick or no trick, this looks faggoty as hell, and if i saw someone drinking beer with a straw in a bar I’d wanna slap the shit outta them. looks goofy as fuck. FAIL

  5. Just FYI, I wasn’t drinking FROM the straw (yes, that’s me on the picture)

    It does infact empty A LOT quicker when you have a straw to refill the bottle with air so you don’t cause a vacuum inside it. Read up a little before going on a mindless flaming spree, clueless morons πŸ˜‰

    1. where im from, drinking from a straw also gets you fucked up faster, cause you tend to drink more at a time that way.

  6. Yeah, the straw could be used to chug (shot gun) it, so… I’d need to see a video for this one. Not quite a fail.

  7. Its not a fail. It is said that you get drubker by drinking through a straw. Obviously that is what this guy was testing. That he is fucking ugly isn’t his fault.

  8. Step 1: Rotate your left hand ninety degrees to the left.
    Step 2: Tilt your left hand forty-five degrees downward.
    Step 3: Raise your left hand approximately four to five inches upward.
    Step 4: Replace your left hand with any handgun of your choosing.
    Step 5: Pull the trigger.

  9. Once tried drinking beer with a straw, well a couple of us. We were to see who could drink up first. Problem is… it did not really come through the straw quite the same…

  10. its not funny to make fun of crippled people. also known as mentally retarded! none of that! he cant help how incredibly retarded he looks. i know its gross, but just keep it to yourself? k, bai!

  11. you guys are soooo…..stupid just try to drink a beer with a straw and you’ll see that it’s way more powerfull

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