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    1. They never learn. They just want to bomb everything in their way for “Allah”.

    2. They never learn. It’s easier on their simple minds to endure their hardships and blame their stupidity on the infidels

    1. Yeah fly poster, this comment is great for this fail. I’m Chaotic Theory and who gives a fuck if I approve this comment.

  1. ignorant fuckheads, why does everyone refer to them as “muslims” You don’t see people saying “Ohh look at them christians”. Dumb Fucks.

    1. Agreed…either you tag everyone or no one.
      It’s not offending, its just the stench of prejudice…
      Add to that the recent wars and stuff…propaganda sinking in…
      And I’m wasting my time commenting…

  2. allah is the greatest with or without u
    what happens to you and your non-muslims are more funny and hilarous , and we don’t even say smth , but when it’s about arab , allah is always what u r thinking about …
    limited thoughts you have !!

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