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    1. the real fail is you and the rest of the people who think that this is a fail. look closely, you would have to pick the whole thing up to get the rope over the pole

    2. Do you know how light that thing is? Plus look at the slack, just lift the front wheel. It’s also a damn fail because you need a key to start it. Good job callin everyone out. Welcome to failing

    3. Fail to all of you! The cable is in the spoke. You can’t drive down the street with it in the wheel!

    1. Ive been doing your mom biotch. Now that you know what are you going to do about it?

  1. How is that a fail? that’s a chain lock which is steel someone would either have to pick that up which probably weights 200lb or cut it.. people who would even consider stealing a scooter in my book are a fail.

  2. Clearly a Security WIN.

    No-one’s gonna steal that blue pole when they’d have to take that dreadful scooter too.

  3. I suppose if the scooter’s heavy enough then that might actually work. That said I’ve ridden scooters and I doubt that it’s heavy enough.

  4. Is it fail because of the lock or because there is nothing on top blocking it? I would think that it would be easier to cut it than to lift it. It would probably be less work and a little less suspicious.

  5. It’s so easy to pick up that scooter.. and take it up. it not heavy… for a man.. You never drive a motorbike and have to move up for jumping? the front wheel is the lightest part of it.

  6. REDNECK ALERT!!!! i think, they didnt about security for there scooter… i could slide that bike chain right of that pole..LMAO that sounded dirty

  7. Ok, even IF you could get the rope off the pole (I think you’d need help because you can’t life the scooter AND the rope), you’d still have to drive off with the rope still attached to the wheel. I’d think the rope would get caught on the mud flaps or something.

    1. Exactly! This is a fail not because of the way the scooter was locked, but because the owner felt the need to lock it in the first place.

  8. what they probably don’t know is that u can lock the handlebars as well. would make it way harder to steer, but, u can carry it, only weighs about 150 lbs, or just roll it. (lift the front wheel off the ground and rotate it to get the cable back on top every once in a while)

  9. To anyone contemplating stealing this scooter, your focus should be more on the fact that you dont have a key rather then how to remove the chain from around the pole without raising suspicion. Oh and if you really feel the need to boost a scooter then you are obviously no smarter then the owner who felt the need to chain it to the pole.

  10. All right real talk if your a cute chick it’s cool for you to sport a scooter if your a dude your pretty gay/lame as hell, But anyways it’s called bolt cutter’s for cable and break ignition switch dumbasses….But don’t be a lame ass thief it’s not cool.

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