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  1. BRIAN JAGGERS from VIDEOGROOVE NINE would NOT APPROVE of this sweatstance fail. he should have tweaked out his front foot more got over the rail and really boned it out, treat it like topside as if on a ledge.

    1. NAH – it’s a non-commited sweatstance your wrong, small screen & bad web ect aside. debate disputed JON JULIO was the 1st to be doing topsides, switch as well, though i suppose you have no understanding of VG4. VG1? 😉

    2. he faild because he was rllerblading. and you both fail for knowing anything about fruitbooting.

    3. V fails in life. He changed his name on here to hide his true troll identity.. That skater fag.

    1. Terrance, go die you fucking fag and quit changing your name and using the same joke. Go fucking slit your wrists or hang yourself.

  2. This is nature’s way of telling you you’re a fucking retard, and I won’t allow you to procreate.

    Darwin devoted an entire chapter to the study of the human sub-group skateramus rollerbladus ballbusticus. He closed the chapter by concluding, and I quote :

    “These motherfuckers are gonna go down faster than a prostitute on Tiger Woods”.

    1. you’ve never broke no bones or split your own skin in virtue, bleeding all over the fucking streets, you twat. enjour x-factor you clone-easy, cock chugging x-box player.

    2. @ V

      I do not own a TV.
      I wish you every success in your quest to brake every bone on your body, and bleed over as many streets as you can. I’ll just sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle.

    3. Haha, nice try V or should I say Zero mc fail! It’s really sad when you try to post under a different name. What a fucking loser! Do I need to post a fail with your other name Zero?You truly are a FAIL at life, you piece of troll shit.
      Time for an insane evil laugh, Muahaha haha hahaha.

    4. A nutbuster and a faceplant performed by the same person in one fell swoop? That is fucking rare right there.

    5. WTF? Are you 13 zero mc fail? You just added cock to my name to try to insult me. That’s sad but then again what part of your life isn’t sad.
      So why the name change Zero?
      You rip off of someone who had funny posts to try and emulate them? You fail, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    6. no chaotic THEORY you are wrong, just that COCK is all youi’re worth is all, that’s it. twat, you twat. calling me who changing his name to what? so FUCKING WHAT? haha you fucking LOSER. of course you could always PROVE it but you’re no doubt too focused on chugging CHAOTIC COCK ON THE THEORY YOU DON’T HAVE.

    7. further more V what who what? emulating WHO? prove what? oh . . you . . . can’t can you, at least make sense fuckface, at least make the slightest sense.

  3. the kids nowdays a so picky with there heroes, why cant he just give the poor guy a hug. He grinded on the rail for that kid and what did he get back, nothing but pain… if i where that small boy i would be ashamed by myself right now.

  4. At the end of the video he says: see you next saturday. Do you suppose he could be part of a big brother program. that in itself would be a win, busted balls and all.

  5. Damn talk about eating it with your pride for a side salad. He just taught the kid the meaning of not being a complete showoff

  6. This guy was too slowly? Maybe he shuld use a skateboard :).
    Diser Typ war einfach viel zu langsam. Er hätte ein Skateboard nehmen müssen, nimand mag Rollerskater.

  7. You guys are all correct. Sitting behind a computer writing comments barely anyone reads is a much more entertaining life than going out and doing stuff.

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