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    1. First to suck my newly implanted penis while i cum in your mac. People i don’t like mac hardware it sucks but i like the operating system which i installed on my dell inspiron 1525 by following many tutorials and if you dont believe me heres the website Apple are a bunch of greedy bastards and wont let people install their OS on other hardware.

    2. DDB shut the fuck up and quit bitching about your nerdy life and go get laid you ass wipe!

    1. Reason #1213212 Rihafag should get beaten up and thrown into a jungle in africa

    2. It’s funny how all of you POOR WHITE TRASH HILL-BILLIES have a mother fucking thing to say online b/c you’re at home and safe, but i bet you wouldn’t say it aloud! kill yourselves! u wish u were in rihanna’s place….you worthless piece of shits!

    3. CeeFireflyy…you say that, but aren’t you safe at home right now when you wrote that? FAIL!

    4. No CeeFireflyy , I don’t wish I was in Rihanna place, but I would like her pussy on my face.

    5. Actually Rihanna is from Barbados, she’s not American.

      You’d think the accent would give it away but some people are just too dumb to live.

    6. An Intelligence Win by ShoopaWheep!? ^.^
      By the way she isnt a american or a “nigga”
      The word “nigga” is from the word “Nigeria”
      she would have to be from Nigeria to be a “nigga”
      not barbados -.-
      You may also what to buy a dictionary too…

    7. Hahaha wow the stupidity in this comment thread is astounding! except for regbrigirw, you are ALL wrong! Lets just sum it all up: Rihanna failed, she isn’t an “american nigga”, and both white and black people can lack extreme amounts of intelligence.

    1. You must have eye sight problems because she looks like crap just like all hip hop pop stars these days. Mainstream sucks

    1. Im with you Chaotic, make sure to leave a permanent mark and sign it “dyquen was here”

    2. dude, DDB, you’re a fucking cock knocker. get a life besides commenting on you sleazy racist dick purse. pull the tire iron out of your ass and kill yourself with it.

    1. I’m making an assumption that her name is krystal since her name says kryzkontrol

    2. me either who gives a fuck but if your going to have a go at other people for doing it you would think he would be able to spell. looser???? dont you mean loser dick!!!

    1. Lol i agree with you marc. I wouldn’t go see that hoe perform not even if my cock gets ripped off by a spoon

    1. Agreed this time she should get beaten up by 5 big black niggs. I wouldn’t doubt if that hoe got into a 5some with some big negroes from craigslist

    1. Have you ever played Monster Hunter? She actually looks like a Velocyprey from the game lol

  1. This is the dumbest thing that i ever seen!. I’m not a Fan of Rihanna but, i bet that you can’t do the “MoonWalk” Either!.. But, whatever, it’s just my comment! =D. Have a Good Day!

    1. Moonwalking is simple. If you ACTUALLY SPREAD YOUR STEP you can do it with heels. In fact, because of the torque involved, it’s easier with heels. T/I=A, and since T = r [radius of circular motion] x F [force inputted], the greater the r [HEELS YOU INSIPID FUCKTARD] the greater the overall accelleration. The weight of the shoes compared to other shoes would not change the inertia modifyer enough to make it more difficult.

      Also, fuck you. She uses autotune.

  2. So that makes u feel good knowing that u called her that? U dummy!!! As people has pointed out she is from Barbados.

  3. please stop the music!! you know michael jackson (dead or alive) would whup her ass for disrespecting his moonwalk like that. he’s gonna haunt her forever!!!

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